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No Appetite

Do you ever have days where you wake up and you’re just not hungry?  I get like this once in a blue moon and today just happened to be that day.

I woke up around 8:45am this morning and got ready for work – I didn’t even take a shower since my hair still looked good and I didn’t smell.  I know I’m not the only one who does this.  :0]  Work was quick, even though it was cry-central in the nursery.  The kids were not happy today.  Well . . . one kid wasn’t happy but when he cried, it set off a chain of crying spree in everyone else.


Came home around one and took a shower.  I thought for sure I would be hungry but just wasn’t feeling it.  I did have nearly a handful of tortilla chips that Alec was eating but not too much.  Around four, I decided enough was enough and played in the kitchen.

I bought this acorn squash a while ago and kept meaning to experiment with it for sometime now.  Today just seemed like the perfect day.

I started by cutting it in half – not an easy feat.  The skin of the acorn was very tough and didn’t want to be cut in half but I eventually got it, even though it was far from perfect.  I decided to go with the smaller half since I wasn’t hungry and nuked it in the microwave for three minutes to soften it up.

When it was all warm and mushy, I scrapped out the insides with a fork.

I kept thinking that it looked so much like a pumpkin on the inside that it would taste good with the same seasonings.  Because of this, I added a few shakes of cinnamon and nutmeg plus a little bit of butter.

Stirring with a fork, I mixed everything together until it looked like it was all one consistency.  The verdict?  It was okay.  Next time, I will definitely add brown sugar and a little more butter to give it a sweeter flavor.  Since I was craving for a little sweetness, I had two or three bites of this:

It was good.

Around six, Alec and I both decided it was time to go eat something and not be weird by not eating.  Of course, neither one of was willing to cook so we headed to a Japanese take-out place nearby called Inoko’s Express.  Inoko’s Express is just a fast version of a very popular Japanese steak house/hibachi grill here in Athens called, of course, Inoko’s.  It’s not real Japanese, of course, but it’s still good and cheap.  We decided to dine on the inside though it was a little weird with it’s Sinatra pictures and Big Band music.  Not something I’d expect from a Japanese place but it was still pleasant.

I started with a small cup of Japanese Onion soup, which is free and comes out of this little jug.  To be honest, this stuff isn’t that impressive – tastes like really salty beef stock that’s been watered down.  I added onion crisps to mine and called it a day.  Favorite part?  It was warm and free.


I ordered teriyaki chicken and steak with vegetables and fried rice.  It was decent – nothing more and nothing less than what I expected considering the price but it was good and worth the trip.  I barely ate half of this and boxed the rest up for lunch tomorrow, giving Alec the rest of the meat and I took his vegetables.


Now it’s nine-thirty and I’m thinking about going to bed but I’m suddenly feeling a popsicle.  Cold, fruity things just sound so yummy at this time at night.


Oh, and before I go, I’ve had two small cups of this throughout the day:

Tis the nectar of the gods.  :0]]]


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