Busy Little Bee

Sorry to go AWOL for these past couple of days.  After posting Thursday, it’s just been long days of never-ending tasks and almost no food pictures.


I’ll try to recap as best as I can.


I was able to locate some food, thank goodness.  It wasn’t the best stuff in the world and for seven bucks, I was a little pissed, but this is what I had:

A cup of chicken noodle soup which I think should be called dumplings in chicken broth and a few softs carrots for good measure because that’s what it really tasted like.  I wanted the chilly but this was all they had left – can’t complain, though.  The weather was freezing and very windy so the soup warmed me up!

I also bought and orange for 75¢.  It was so juicy and sweet!  Mmmmmm.


After class, I waited in the hotel lobby for my professor with Alec.  He was hungry and so bought a bag of chips and a cookie for each of us.

I ate the peanut butter cookie and it was delicious!  Still warm with a gooey center but a crispy outside.  Yummy.

For the two-hour drive, I brought a bag of trail mix.  I snacked on-and-off on the way there and the two-hour trip back, picking out the raisins, of course.  I don’t know why, but as a child, I was convinced that raisins were rotten grapes and to this day, I can’t eat them by them selves.  In cookies or hot dishes, I’m fine, but by themselves?  Oh, no.  That’s not going to happen.  I’ve been looking for trail mix without raisins but have been unsuccessful.

Anyways, I still have about half a bag or more of the trail mix so I think I’m going to keep it in my bag for emergency munchies.


At the training, I had a 6-inch turkey sandwich from Subway with lettuce, tomato, red onions, and pickles.  On the side, I had a mini-bag of original Sunchips and two 3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp Bars, which were to die for!  I love light, fluffy chocolate with a little crunch to it so this hit the spot!  And best of all, it was free!


The presentation went well, even though I felt like I was going to puke the entire time.  I’m not what you would call a “public speaker.”  In fact, what ever the opposite of that is, that’s me.

I didn’t get home until about midnight, which sucked.


I was bone tired Friday and still had a lot to do – pack, go to class, work, etc.  This is where the bad food starts . . . Here’s how it went

  • Went to Chik-fil-a on the way to class and got a chicken biscuit.  It was delicious so I regret nothing.
  • Sexuality Class
  • Work for a couple of hours.
  • Skipped my last class to load up the car with the dog, boy, and duffel bag to go to boy’s hometown for his mom’s rehearsal dinner.
  • Got there insanely early.  Picked up a Sonic burger, some fries, and a cherry slushy before unloading everything at Alec’s dad’s house.  Drooled over the huge flat screen TV and talked to the step-mom before heading to rehearsal dinner.
  • I sat in the church for about an hour and half, being bored, with boy’s grandmother and future step-grandparents.  We made fun of things and talked.
  • We went to dinner at a local restaurant after the rehearsal dinner.  Really awkward since it was where Alec worked in high school and some of the people who he worked with were still there, including our waitress.  I had the spinach Talipia on a bed of rice and mashed sweet potatoes.  It was a lot of food but I ate all of it, even though the waitress failed to mention that the “lemon” sauce was actually a heavy cream sauce.
  • Watched the Olympics with the stepmom – tried [and failed] to understand curling and got angry that Apollo Ono was robbed his medal.
  • Had a horrible night of tossing around on the bed and multiple trips to the bathroom.  Not fun.

Yeah,  it was wonderful.  Really.



Saturday was a fun-filled day of wedding and errand stuff.  Wanna see?  Of course you do.  :0]

  • 7:30am: Woke up but then realized I was going to be up for a really long time and tried to go back to sleep.
  • 9:00am:  Got up for real because the bed was just that horrible.  Made the bed and then headed out to the living room.  Watched Campus PD on G4 with Alec.  Marveled at the fact that a show like this existed.  Still drooled over the magnificent TV.
  • 10:0am:  Took a shower – came with a lot of grooming since it was a “big day.”
  • 10:30am:  Got out of shower and said “hello” Alec’s dad who just came back from a business trip to Tennessee.
  • 10:40am:  Blow dried, straighted, and prettified my hair while praying that it would stay straight all day and not try to return to its naturally wavy self.  Also put on makeup, which include eye shadow.  Tried not to cry as I stabbed myself in the eye since it’d been forever since putting on eye makeup, aside from mascara.
  • 12:00pm:  Finally finished getting completely ready.
  • 12:10pm:  Left the house to find a charger for my laptop since mine died and the converter I was using with Alec’s mysteriously disappeared – we’re positive the dog or cat ate it.  While searching, we shared a plate of sesame chicken, fried rice, noodles, steamed vegetables, and two dumplings at the Chinese place in the mall.  I also had a sugar cookie from the American Cookie Company.  Finally located a travel sized charger at a small computer repair store for a lot less than the hundred that Best Buy wanted.
  • 2:00pm:  Went to the salon and got a manicure and pedicure – no reason other than I wanted to.  :0]
  • 2:40pm:  Returned to Alec’s dad’s house.  Was going to take a nap but ended up reading instead.
  • 4:20pm:  Alec and I started to actually get ready – he put on his tux, I put on my dress, etc.
  • 5:30pm:  Arrived at the church.  We grabbed Chik-fil-a sandwiches, fries, and sweet teas on the way.  I ended up giving most of my fries to a little boy named Austin, who was apparently really lonely.  Wandered around and took pictures while waiting for everything to start.
  • 7:00pm:  The wedding started.
  • 7:20pm:  Ceremony over – reception starts.  I had a snicker doodle, brownie, a bunch of pineapple chunks, and two little cheesecake squares.  Oh, and a few bites of the strawberry cheesecake and orange cremesicle layers of the wedding cake.  Most of the evening was spent watching other people dancing and talking.  I refused to do the “Cupid’s shuffle,” “Electric Slide,” or the “Hoedown, Throw-down.”
  • 10:30pm: Reception over.  Drove to Alec’s mom’s house to pick up groom’s tux to return Sunday.  Ended up staying to wish the couple a good time on their honey moon to Hawaii and to eat a couple more snicker doodles.
  • 11:00pm:  Drove back to Alec’s dad’s house.  Packed all the stuff up and talked about the wedding.
  • 12:02am:  Drove back to Alec’s mom’s house to grab the socks that the groom forgot to put in his bag.
  • 12:05am:  Finally on our way home.
  • 12:20am:  Stopped in a gas station near my hometown.  Old high school buddy and one of my long time friends was working there as a night manager.  Ended up talking for a while.
  • 1:40am:  Left the gas station to go home.  Feeling hungry so we grabbed a double cheese burger from McDonald’s and shared a Dr. Pepper Slushie with Alec.
  • 2:10am:  Got home.  Unpacked everything.
  • 2:14am:  Went to sleep.  Thank goodness.


And that was my really long day.  Here are a few picture from the day:

The beautiful and yummy cake.

The beautiful bride and her handsome son [aka Alec].

Alec and I at the end of the night – I’m happy to report that my hair stayed straight for the entire night.


All kidding aside, it was a great weekend and a beautiful wedding!  Now it’s time for rest and relaxation before starting up the busy week on more time.




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Down Home Cooking

Finally made it to my parents’ last night to celebrate with my family about my brother getting his licenses yesterday.  We were going to go to a Mexican restaurant but decided on a local bar-and-grill typed place called Mike’s.  Oh, but before I go into that . . .

Oh my goodness, it was so good!  Yummy!  It’s blurry but it’s a cookie sandwich!  Two large chocolate cookies with thick vanilla icing in the middle and sprinkles on the outside!  I saw it when I was getting my brother’s cookie cake and it was on sale for two dollars for two cookies!


I only ate half of it and gave the rest of the cookie to Alec but it was delicious.  The fact that it’s sister is waiting patiently to be consumed at my apartment is killing me.


For actual dinner I had . . .

Potato soup with cheese and crackers.  I put butter on my crackers because I think it tastes good – is that weird?  After the soup, I also had . . .

A bar-be-que sandwich and crinkled fries!  Yummy!  I love bar-be-que so much!  With the fries, I dipped them in ketchup, which is [obviously] not pictured.  And can you believe that this was only $3.50?  Well, it was and it was good.  I snagged a chicken wing off of Alec’s plate [ten wings and fries – also three-fifty ] and it was decent but not hot enough for me.


By the way, taking pictures of your food in a busy, small town restaurant is apparently a no-no.  I got so many strange looks.  What?  Doesn’t everyone take pictures of their food?!  Apparently not in rural Georgia.  I don’t care – it was yummy and worthy of a picture!

When we got back to my parents, I had another slice of cookie cake and watched the Olympics with the family.  When we finally got home [you know, at eleven . . .] I just went to sleep.  Now it’s almost one on Thursday and I’m starving!!!  I’ve had nothing to eat all day because I’ve had no time and I didn’t eat breakfast nor pack a lunch because I went to sleep last night.


Hopefully I’ll be able to snag some lunch before my next class since I’ll be busy again today!  Here’s the schedule for the rest of the day:

  • 1:00pm – find a place that sells food and buy it.  Consume.
  • 2:00pm – Go to class.  Try not to fall asleep or get called on.
  • 3:30pm – go stand in the cold next to the hotel on campus.  Try not to look creepy.  Wait for my supervisor to pick me up.
  • 4:00-6:20: Drive to a far away place near Atlanta to conduct a training.  Curse the whole way since I’ll be crammed into a seven person van with six other people, all of our equipment and our bookbags.
  • 6:20-7:00:  Wolf down the promised sandwich and be satisfied.  Set up room for training and stay calm.
  • 7:00-8:30: listen to everyone else while they do their mildly interesting topics and try to look knowledgable and older.  Being the youngest in the room will not come with perks tonight.
  • 8:30-9:00:  Do my not-so-interesting part of the training.  Try not to stutter, be nervous, look stupid, or piss anyone off.  Oh, and please keep the blushing to a minimum.
  • 9:00-11:30:  Clean up the room and the drive back to Athens.  Curse that it’s late and now my bed time and I’m shoved in a van full of strangers.  Text Alec for sympathy.  Get none in return since he’s either in the meeting from hell or asleep.
  • 11:30 – ?:  Get picked up from Alec at an apartment complex.  Once again, try not to be creepy.  Go home, talk about the training, grab a snack/meal, and pack for Alec’s mom’s wedding since I slept last night.  Be really mad that I can’t just go to sleep.

And yeah, that’s pretty much it.  I’m off to find food now!

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Turkey and Spinach

Wednesdays are starting to get busy, too.  Blah.  I’m ready for a break – so glad spring break starts next Friday!


I had a lot of things to do today.  Here’s how it went.

  • 9:00am: HACE class – skipped because I slept in.  Haven’t been sleeping well lately.  Not good.  Instead, showered and ate breakfast.
  • 10:10am: Sexuality Class – came in a little late and so the LGBT question panel had already started.  Had to sit on the floor next to the see-and-eye dog in training.  He was cute but had his vest on so I couldn’t pet him.
  • 11:15am: Work – I spent a couple of hours sorting mail, walking up ten flights of stairs to put up flyers, being the office flunkie,  and had lunch.
  • 2:30pm: Family Systems class – another group had their presentation today so I worked on another project for my direct study since they gave us print outs of the notes.  Yay!  :0]
  • 3:30pm: Direct study meeting – Talked about what I’ll be doing tomorrow when the team goes to a training.  Also talked about a possible intern position for the summer.  Yesss!
  • 4:20pm: Library – Finished my HACE homework and submitted.  Wrote a paper about research in the popular press for my presentation that is tomorrow.  Thought about giving blood but since I’m starving and therefore a little woozy, thinking it may be a bad idea.
  • 5:30pm:  Do blog while waiting for Alec to leave lab.

Whew.  Long day.  And now, for pictures of food!

PB on honey wheat bread, per usual.  Alec was actually kind enough to make it for me while I packed for the day.  I snapped this photo without really paying attention so I’m surprised it’s not all blurry.


Turkey, spinach, green onions, and mustard sandwich on honey wheat for lunch.  I don’t know why but I woke up this morning and thought that deli meat would be a great lunch.


I only like to eat deli meat when it’s still cold – out of the fridge cold – so by the time I ate at one-something, it was lukewarm.  I ate it anyway, mostly because I was hungry, but I didn’t really enjoy it.

Random insert:  My uncle just called me to ask what Java was on the computer and if he really needed to update it.  Gotta love older relatives! :0]

With my sandwich I had a Minute Maid juice box and . . .

Dos-si-dos!  Mmmm!  I love these little things.

By the way, I don’t love how my camera didn’t want to cooperate today – most of my pictures were really fuzzy!  Not cool.  Not cool at all.

Now I’m sitting here, waiting to leave.  I was originally going to go home after my meeting and do my paper but ended up coming here to wait on Alec instead.  Stupid mistake.  Oh, well.  This is how the rest of my night should go:

  • 6:00/6:30-ish: Alec will leave lab and we can leave campus to go buy a cookie cake!
  • 7:00-7:30ish:  Drive to the Mexican restaurant to celebrate my brother getting his licenses today [yay!!] with the family.  Present the cookie cake to said brother.
  • 9:00-ish:  Hopefully drive back home.
  • -9:30-ish and beyond!: Get home and do home-like things.  Pack lunch, pack for weekend at Alec’s dad’s place for Alec’s mom’s wedding [it’s complicated] since I wont be here tomorrow night to do it.  Print off paper, article, slides, and everything else for both presentations tomorrow.  Read for class for a little bit.  Go to sleep.

At least, that’s the plan!  :0]  See you later!

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Class Projects Involving Food are FUN!

This semester, Alec is taking a class that is designed to introduce future teachers to different technological tools for use in the classroom.  One of his assignments is to make a “story” using photos and audio via a software offered in class.  He decided for his project to tell how to make a certain meal and a dessert.  What this really means is I cooked the meal with pictures and then he’ll put it all together afterwards.  I’m completely okay with this because I love to cook and take pictures!  Plus, I wanted to be able to actually eat what was prepared.


Alec chose three things to make: Grilled Mahi-Mahi with grapefruit, avocado, and watercress salad, Parmesan Roasted Potatoes, and Berries and Coconut Cream.  He chose this with the assumptions that he would be making it, not me, and so wanted it to be easy.  I really wish he had went for taste and not level of difficulty.

I followed Real Simple recipe down to a tee except that I cut it in half and used spinach instead of watercress because I couldn’t find it at the store.  As pretty as this dish turned out to be, we both found that we did not like it.  The fish was too bland – definitely needs more seasoning – and that the lime dressing on top of the fish didn’t do much for the fish but over powered the rest of the ingredients.  I even stopped eating the spinach because the sweet lime sauce was the only thing I could taste.  Everything just seemed to be different tastes that look like they should work together but in reality, they don’t.  The fish was too bland, the sauce to tart/sweet, and the grapefruit to sour to be of any help.

Just not very appealing.  I will probably never cook this again but it was good enough for the project since they’ll be seeing, not eating.

By the way, and I could be completely wrong about this, but I didn’t realize that green onions and scallions were the same thing – I’ve always heard green onions growing up.  I looked everywhere for “scallions” in the store but there were no signs – they were called “green onions” there, too!  I ended up getting green onions because I thought they looked the same as the picture and, lo and behold, it was the same thing!  Does this happen to anyone else?

Thank goodness Alec chose Parmesan roasted potatoes!  One of the only things that I ate on that whole plate that satisfied me.  I wasn’t able to roast them in a roasting pan since I don’t have one so I used a flat cookie sheet instead.  The potatoes came out crispy and yummy – like a French fries but [hopefully] not as bad for you.  This was one recipe that I would like to try again sometime, maybe with a beef dish or grilled chicken.  I feel that it’s very versatile and could be paired with many different dishes!

Obviously, we deviated with this recipe by using strawberries and not a mixture of smaller berries but there’s a reason!  We could have paid twice as much for berries that we don’t really care for or pay less for ones that we do like.  Which one would you choose?  I bet it would be the cheaper berries that you like!


Oh my goodness.  This was by far the best part of dinner!  I’ve had my far share of strawberries and cream growing up but this may be my now all time favorite way to make it.  The whip cream is delicious – a subtle blend of rich milk and coconut – and gives a good spin to the strawberries.  Using a lime when mixing the strawberries with sugar also added a nice tart flavor to it.  I loved this stuff.  I even licked the cream from the plate, which is not something I do.  I normally don’t really care for whip cream but this was stuff sent by the gods.


I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

Bottom line – the berries and potatoes are sure to be seen in our kitchen again but the mahi-mahi?  Probably not unless I did some serious tampering with the recipe.

Now off to homework, reading, and sleep!  See you in the morning!

Oh, before I forget!  Check out this giveaway at Eat, Drink, and Be Hopeful for your chance to win Chobani yogurt!

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Mid-Afternoon Snack

Sliced baguette, fresh from the bakery, olive oil and herbs for dipping, and a sliced kiwi.

Oh, yeah.  It was good.


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It’s a Beautiful Day

Oh my, today is gorgeous! The sun is out, only a few clouds dot the sky, and the breeze is sweet and gentle.  Perfect day to have lunch outside!

Simple food for a simple day.  I swear I planned it that way.


I had natural creamy peanut butter on honey wheat bread.  The same cran-grape juice as last week – the last one before I start on a new pack of juice.  I had a kiwi for lunch, too, but I forgot a knife to slice it up.  :0[  I was thinking about just eating it with the skin since I’ve read that you can but I don’t want my first kiwi of the year to be fuzzy.


For breakfast, I had an orange.  I was planning on eating breakfast/lunch with my dad and brother but they couldn’t make it.  So I broke into my lunch a little early and had the orange.  No picture because I just forgot to take one but I think I caught it a day before it started to turn – it was a little sour and tart, like an orange tastes right before it goes bad.  It was still good and fulfilling but not as sweet as I like them.

I love sitting outside.  It’s so peaceful and a great time to people watch!  It’s obvious they most people don’t look up the weather before dressing – most of these kids are wearing heavy coats and fuzzy boots!  You probably only need that type of outer wear for three weeks out of the whole year here.  Then again, others were deceived by the sun and wore shorts and tank tops – totally not warm enough for that right now.

I wish I had some time to take a nap on the lawn but too much stuff to do right now.  :0[  I’ll just enjoy the next couple of minutes before I have to go back inside to classes.  Blah.

Tonight’s dinner should be exciting!  We’re cooking up something special for one of Alec’s projects.  I hope it goes well!

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The Royal Peasant Pub

I’m starting to think that Monday’s are just not cook days.  I think it could be the fact that it’s the longest day in the week for both Alec and I but cooking never seems to happen.  Okay, that’s a lie.  It usually happens.  But today, it just wasn’t happening.  Instead, we ate at the Royal Peasant, a little English inspired pub in the Five Points area of Athens.  I’ve been wanting to try this place after a few friends recommended it and tonight just seemed to be the night!

What can I say?  I had my “wellies” on, an over-sized “jumper,” it’s been English weather all day, and some fish and chips would hit the spot.

Okay, I’m ending the bad English vernacular.  Just doesn’t jive.

Courtesy of this Flickr since the restaurant’s website didn’t have a picture.

The outside of the pub is quite plain but if there’s one thing that a lifetime of food consumption has shown me, the most simple place has the best food.  We arrived a little early for dinner so it wasn’t packed or anything – just a few other customers were partaking in the food that the Royal Peasant had to offer.  The place is a little on the small side – seven tables on the inside, eight tables on the outside, and I think about fifteen chairs at the bar.  Tiny.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s a sneaky picture I snapped while trying to be . . . sneaky.

We were on the opposite side of the building.  The picture is taken so that you can [kinda] see the other side of the building.  These are all the inside tables, all seven of them.  It’s a small place but it’s cozy with a dark wood furniture and bar, a dark red wall color, and a little bit of sports paraphernalia here and there.

I’m not going to lie – this is definitely a pub and not a restaurant.  It’s all about the beer and the football, both American and the rest of the World’s versions.  The menu is only a page long – appetizers, meals, desserts, and nonalcoholic drinks included – but the money is accompanied with a smaller page of just the available beers.

It was intense.

Being not-of-age, I can’t tell you how great/non-great the selections for alcohol were but what I can tell you about is the food!  Though, if the multiple frat boys coming in and out were any indication, I say it’s a pretty good one.

First off, sorry for the crap photos.  They looked good on my admittedly small view finder but on the laptop, they were way too dark so when I lightened them up, I saw that they were both dark and fuzzy.  Please forgive me.

Anyways, we started out with English Blue Chips, which are basically freshly made potato chips, which are sliced a little on the thick side, and a a sprinkle of blue cheese and chopped bacon on the top.  It was a good appetizer but it wasn’t warm enough for me – maybe it was left out too long?  I don’t know, I wasn’t in the kitchen but I may be insinuating that.

For my main meal, I was hoping to have London Broil but they were out of flank steak.


I didn’t know what else I wanted but the waitress was kind enough to make some suggestions of different meals, even offering to give it to me at the same price as the London Broil if the new dish was more.  I ended up going with the Bangers and Mash.  Basically, it’s two pork sausages that have been grilled and placed on a mound of mashed potatoes with a glob of cabbage sautéed in turmeric piled on top.  A tomato gravy was spooned on the backside of the dish.

Oh, my.  It was delicious.

I wish I could have gotten a better picture to show you how amazing this was.  The cabbage was possible the best part of the dish – crunchy and sour and . . . yum.  That’s all I got.  “Yum” just about sums it up.  The sausages were crispy but insanely juicy on the inside.  Even the mashed potatoes dipped in the tomato gravy blew my mind – I may have to learn to make this wonderful gravy.

Alec had the fish and chips.  First off, I love that this dish and the crisps from before were both served on a wax paper made to look like a newspaper.  Too cute!  I tried his dish as well and it was yummy, especially dipped in the lemon dill mayo.  What I loved the most was that the fish wasn’t as greasy as some other places – there were no disgusting grease marks everywhere after he was finished.

The best part, though, was the bill.  We were both beyond full by the end of it and the check was $21.00, pre-tip.  It was awesome.  I would definitely recommend the Royal Peasant to anyone who comes into the Athens area.  The wait staff is friendly and helpful, something that is hard to find in the college town, and the place is just so charming.  It’s not exactly the healthiest food but it’s priced well and really delicious, especially on a cold, rainy day.

To round out my by-the-food-pyramid dinner, I had this little gem.

Thank goodness for early Easter candy.

Oh, that creamy goodness!  I am so in heaven right now.  Come check up on me in about an hour and a half when I’ve just finished working out.  Yeesh.  That sausage probably wont help my week-long absence.


But first . . . a little bit of Tarzan with Alec and Harper.  :0]

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