Veggie Soup

For lunch, I stuck with the classic veggie soup [from a can].  It was meh – I’m not sure if that’s the soup’s fault or a side-effect of my non-desire to eat food.  I know it could have used some pepper, maybe a dash of mix herbs.  It didn’t have much of a flavor to it – just chunks of mushy vegetables in a water-downed tomato juice broth.

On the positive side, it did manage to fill me up completely – maybe a little too much because now my body thinks it’s nap time though it most certainly is not.  I should be working now but I took a mini lunch break.

With lunch, I had another juice box, which makes me feel like I’m in elementary school.  Oh, well.


I also packed a hand-full of mini-rice cakes but I’m not in the mood to eat them right now.  They’ll probably end up as an afternoon snack.


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