Cupcake Study? Yes, please!

Sometimes, I really love my school.  It’s as if the school gods read my depressing post yesterday and said “give her cupcakes.”


After my grueling test this morning, I was walking around the bottom of the Family and Consumer Science building when a girl popped out of a room and asked me if I wanted to taste some cupcakes.  Being the sweets-lovin’ girl that I am, I immediately said yes!  She brought me into a room where I filled out a research participant form and then got to taste and tell my opinion on three different yellow cake recipes.  I also got some crackers and carrots to “clean my palate” between tastings.  It was yummy.  No pictures because that wasn’t allowed but I did get some snacks for participating!

Mini-pretzels and an apple, which I was enjoying on a bench inside the building.

Oh, did I mention that it was snowing/sleeting today?

It was snowing/sleeting today.

Of course, class wasn’t canceled until there was no point but I did get out of my last class.  It’s still falling but it must be too cold because it’s not sticking, even though it’s HUGE chunks of snow.  I haven’t done much since coming home, aside for finishing my book and being lazy.


I guess I should do something, like going to get bread since I ate the last two slices this morning with my peanut butter sandwich breakfast.  More than likely, I’ll sit here and read another book.  Yay!


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