Hospital Time

Mondays.  They’re so wonderful.  Especially when you find yourself that night eating chocolate and glowering at your laptop screen in anger.


Today has, in short, sucked.  I got a call this morning that my older sister had been admitted into the hospital for chest pains.  Later, they found out that her gallbladder has basically stopped working and something was wrong with her pancreas, though I’m not sure what.  Of course, I skipped all five of my classes today and work to go make sure she was okay.

While I was there, I found out via e-mail that the University System of Georgia has proposed yet another three million dollar budget cut for the 2011 fiscal year.  You know, next year.


The last time this happened, tuition increased tremendously for incoming students – luckily not for me since I’m on a four-year fixed tuition – and $200 permanent fees that aren’t covered by HOPE, the in-state scholarship that I receive to pay for all my tuition and such.  Technically, it should pay for all of my school fees and give me more for books but I always end up paying three hundred or more in fees that the university keeps adding on.  Even more so, these budget cuts will eliminate many of the programs in the department that I am currently enrolled in.

Yeah.  That blows.

This could mean that either my program would be severely understaffed or I’ll have to stay longer to graduate or I’ll have to transfer in my last year just to finish my program.  Did I mention that there isn’t another program like this in my state?  It’s just peachy keen here.

In even better news, the school that I plan on going for Graduate school is planning on terminating the program in order to comply with the state budget cuts.  That leaves me with three other programs to choose from but two of them are crap and the other only accepts ten-twenty a year in the program, which is going to be even more competitive if the other school’s program closes.

It’s just been a horrible day.

Fortunately, these are just proposed cuts so it may not have to happen but it’s just ridiculous.  Instead of getting rid of the stupid programs that we have here, which wastes millions of dollars on things that have nothing to do with academics, the school is willing to shut down those programs that have actual value.  It sucks even more that it’s the ones I need.

Anyway, on to a bullet form of food:

  • The rest of the trail mix [minus the raisins]
  • Half of the rice/vegetable mixture from Inoko’s that I shared with Alec in the hospital
  • Juice box
  • A house salad and Chicken Enchilada soup with chips and salsa from Chili’s, courtesy of my mom
  • A 16 oz French Vanilla cappuccino from the gas station on the way home.
  • Too many caramel filled Hershey kisses.

Now time to go study for a test that’s tomorrow.  I would love to throw in the towel and say “what’s the point” after today but since this may not happen, might as well not dwell on it.

But it still sucks.



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2 responses to “Hospital Time

  1. I hope your sister gets better! I know what gallbladder pain feels like. I had mine out in 04. I’m sorry to here about your school problems. Things will get better, just take one day at a time.I know this my not help much right now, but I’ll be praying for you and your sister…
    God Bless
    🙂 Amanda

    • Thanks so much for your kind words! Hopefully things will get better – my sister goes into surgery at noon and I’ll figure something out with school. :0]

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