It’s a Beautiful Day

Oh my, today is gorgeous! The sun is out, only a few clouds dot the sky, and the breeze is sweet and gentle.  Perfect day to have lunch outside!

Simple food for a simple day.  I swear I planned it that way.


I had natural creamy peanut butter on honey wheat bread.  The same cran-grape juice as last week – the last one before I start on a new pack of juice.  I had a kiwi for lunch, too, but I forgot a knife to slice it up.  :0[  I was thinking about just eating it with the skin since I’ve read that you can but I don’t want my first kiwi of the year to be fuzzy.


For breakfast, I had an orange.  I was planning on eating breakfast/lunch with my dad and brother but they couldn’t make it.  So I broke into my lunch a little early and had the orange.  No picture because I just forgot to take one but I think I caught it a day before it started to turn – it was a little sour and tart, like an orange tastes right before it goes bad.  It was still good and fulfilling but not as sweet as I like them.

I love sitting outside.  It’s so peaceful and a great time to people watch!  It’s obvious they most people don’t look up the weather before dressing – most of these kids are wearing heavy coats and fuzzy boots!  You probably only need that type of outer wear for three weeks out of the whole year here.  Then again, others were deceived by the sun and wore shorts and tank tops – totally not warm enough for that right now.

I wish I had some time to take a nap on the lawn but too much stuff to do right now.  :0[  I’ll just enjoy the next couple of minutes before I have to go back inside to classes.  Blah.

Tonight’s dinner should be exciting!  We’re cooking up something special for one of Alec’s projects.  I hope it goes well!


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