Sunday Eats and Monday Breaks

Sunday was a semi-busy/study day.  I went to work to watch the kids, per usual, and decided to have breakfast there.  I work as a nursery attendant on Sundays and they always have a little breakfast buffet-type set up so I figured it would save me some time.  Unfortunately for my weight plans, all that was left was a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy every bite of that gooey, sugary awesomeness.


It was such a pretty day, too, that we decided to take the kids out onto the playground.  There was lots of dirt and, of course, I was dressed in nice clothing as I’m supposed to, but the kids enjoyed it so much that I hope it’s that lovely next Sunday.

When I made it back home a little after lunch time, Alec had returned from work and we decided to enjoy the time outside by driving around town.  We ended up going to the mall at some point where Alec got a new pair of jeans and a button down and I got a new shirt!  Great fun.


After a couple hours of not being productive, hunger was starting to set in.  We went to a restaurant near the mall called Rafferty’s since it was close and smelled amazing from the street.  I chose grilled Mahi-mahi with grilled vegetables and orzo pasta.  I wasn’t able to finish it all, even though it was only a 7 oz, so I took the rest home and had it later for dinner.  At least this way you get to see the picture!


The dish was simple and delicious – a favorite type of mine.  The vegetables were a good mixture, too.  Usually restaurants just put in broccoli and carrots and call it a day but this had squash, zucchini, a mixture of different onions, peppers, etc.  Yummy!  I also shared an appetizer of fried pickles with Alec, which were perfect and made me yearn for some fried green tomatoes.  Mmmm.


I also had a little bit of Alec’s salad and a croissant with butter.

Later that night, I ate the rest of my meal along with a Popsicle, this time in strawberry.  It was mostly to keep myself awake while I studied for my Housing and Consumer Economics exam that was Monday morning.

Blah.  That class sucks.

Before studying, however, I wasted most of my day with the windows open and watching movies – Enchanted and Pumpkin.  Both were entertaining and interesting in their own right but Pumpkin was a little too Sundance-y for me.  And it was long.  And it had some really bad acting.  But I love Christina Ricci!  Enchanted was cutesy and it had that guy from Grey’s Anatomy, which made Alec happy.


This morning [Monday] wasn’t as beautiful as the past few days.  All rainy and gloomy.  I woke up a little early to get in some last-minute studying and breakfast.  I had Total Cinnamon Crunch cereal with a little bit of lactose-free milk in between skimming chapters in my book.  I’ve taken the test already and I feel pretty good about it but now I’m sitting in the hallway waiting for my next class since my class between the two was canceled.


I’m not sure what’s for lunch since I completely forgot to pack it but it will most likely be a sandwich from Jimmy Johns.


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