Craving Sprite

Man, I’m really craving some Sprite right now.  Do you ever do that?  Just crave for something?  I haven’t had a soda in a long time but for some reason, a Sprite sounds just about right.  Hmmm.

For lunch, it was Jimmy to the rescue!  I ordered via the website while in my internship class, putting that I needed the sandwich to be delivered between 1:00pm-1:30pm.  Of course, I get a call around 11:30 from Jimmy John’s that they were waiting to give me my sandwich at my work.  I was still in class.


Luckily, since it was their mistake, they made me a new sandwich and delivered it again – still thirty minutes before I wanted it but at least I was there this time.  For my sandwich, I ordered a “Turkey Tom” with turkey [duh . . .], lettuce, tomato, cucumber, peppers, onions, extra alfalfa sprouts, oregano, oil, and vinegar.  All of this was placed on multi-grain bread that was sliced in half.  I was so happy that they finally got my order correct after almost two years of ordering from there.   Then again, I also ordered the “skinny” chips but they sent me regular.


Next time, I will most definitely be getting the sandwich without the peppers.  I was thinking they would be banana peppers or bell peppers but these were most definitely hot peppers soaked in jalapeno juice.  It was a scorcher.

In other news, I just got a call from Kroger saying those delicious Health valley bars I started eating last week have been recalled due to possible Salmonella.


I’m at school currently but when I get home, I’m going to double check to make sure.  Of course, the one time I venture out and buy something new, it gets recalled.  Blah.  But I still think they’re delicious!  Kudos to Kroger, though, for calling me to let me know!



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