Food with Friends

I knew we would go somewhere fattening but it was expected so that’s all right!  I was craving for a burger.

We went to Fuddrucker’s near the North Point mall in Alpharetta, Ga.  Once again, I’ve never gone but it was pretty good, all though I think it was a little too much for a hamburger.  I got a 1/3rd pounder with grilled onions, lettuce, relish, banana peppers, and a tomato.  I was sharing my fries with a friend who wasn’t hungry but she changed her mind and got her own basket of fries with Nacho cheese on the top.  I snagged a couple of them before calling it a night.

We were planning on going to a movie after a while but decided not to at the last-minute.  Instead, we walked around the mall, just doing the “girl” thing, basically.


I was happy since I ended up getting a pair of $50.00 jeans for twelve!  It was awesome.


After that, we went back to a house to watch that night’s Olympics.  I had a couple chocolate chip cookies at the house but nothing else.  Unfortunately for my granny self, I didn’t leave until 11:40-ish, which means I didn’t get home until almost one.  Of course, I might as well have stayed at my friend’s because my upstairs neighbor decided to have a party for about twenty people.  Let me set the scene.

Our apartments are less than 400 sq. ft., there were twenty something people in her place, the music was blaring, people were screaming, and it was one o’clock.

I was very unhappy.

Luckily, around two, the lady that lives underneath her went berserk and went outside and yelled at the party people to shut up.  I was so happy.



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