I’m so sleepy at this point but I should post before going to bed.  Still . . . yawn.

I guess it’s a weekend thing for Alec because he decided we should go to my family’s again – I think it has something to do with my mom’s cooking and the fact that he gets beef there.


We left around four and both of us were hungry so we stopped at the dreaded Arches.  I wasn’t too happy about eating there but I was hungry and it’s still Alec’s favorite place so I just went with it.

I had one grilled snack wrap with honey mustard.  I’m not going to lie – it was yummy and satisfied my hunger.  I think even Sasha was a little disappointed in the choice.

Tsk, tsk, mommy.

Today’s dinner was quite good – something my uncle made us.

New York strip, cooked medium, baked beans, Italian flavored pasta, and a Hawaiian sweet roll.  Mmmmm!!  Amazing!  Especially since I didn’t have to cook it!  I also had a handful or two of Runts but that’ll be our little secret since I stole them from Alec.  ;0]

I love going to my parents’ house.  My little brother [16] and sister [12] still live there so it’s great to hang out with them.  Plus it gives Sasha some time to hang out with other dogs and run in my parents’ backyard.  Oh, and there’s cable for Alec.  See?  Totally win-win.


Off to bed now.


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