No Camera Skills

Or, more correctly, no pictures.  My bad.  The camera is dead but I bought a new pack of batteries so pictures will be back tomorrow!  Since I don’t have pictures, we’re going to do this in a short matter.

  • Breakfast
    • A mixed berry granola bar from Health Valley
  • Lunch
    • Vegetarian soup with pesto
    • 1/2 of a Sierra Turkey sandwich [Smoked turkey breast with chipotle mayonnaise, field greens & red onions on our Asiago Cheese Focaccia bread]
    • Slice of French bread
    • All at Panera
  • Dinner
    • One turkey soft taco with sour cream, Mexican cheese blend, lettuce, and salsa.  Made by me during a dinner with friends.
  • Snack
    • Two red velvet cake cupcakes – one with and one without the icky icing.  I was trying to make red velvet cake cupcakes for the dinner and I taste tested the smaller ones but the icing was gross.
    • One Hershey’s kiss with caramel.

So that was it!  I feel like I ate a lot more but I guess I didn’t.  Hmm.



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