Lunchie with the Friendie

I had lunch with a friend today but I still brought my lunch!  We ate at an on campus cafe that’s basically for people not on the meal plan [thank goodness] so it was no big deal.

I’ll confess – this lunch has been packed since Monday night. I packed it for Tuesday but ended up being sick and then Alec was sick yesterday so we grabbed Panera for him, which meant I ate it, too, and so this has been residing in my lunch box, in the fridge since then.


It’s slightly embarrassing.

Anyway, I had a PB&J with natural creamy peanut butter, grape jelly, and honey wheat bread.  It was a little weird tasting because it was slightly stale but definitely more appetizing than the greasy, fake looking calzone that my friend almost paid ten bucks for.


I also had an orange and blueberry-pomegranate juice [the cran-grape label is quite deceiving, yeah?].  I didn’t have the granola bar since I ate it this morning for breakfast.



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