Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Let me go a head and preface this with the fact that I don’t like pizza.  I know, that’s weird.  Why would a person not like pizza?  Easy.  I think pizza is way too greasy and it taste like cardboard with lots of cheese.  That being said, there is one pizza that I absolutely adore.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

It all started years ago when I went to a friend’s birthday dinner at a place called the Monkey Barrel in Gainesville, Ga.  This place serves the best pizza!  All their pizzas are made on whole wheat bread, which is amazing dipped in honey, and they’re best pizza, in my opinion, is their Buffalo Chicken Pizza.  Ever since then, it’s the only pizza that I tend to order by choice.  Seeing as I am not within a good distance of Gainesville, I decided to make my own Buffalo Chicken Pizza, using various sites across the internet.

Pre-Bake Pizza

I started out with pre-made pizza dough.  I used Pillsbury’s deep dish pizza crust, which wasn’t that great but the only thing I could find in the store.  Next time, I will definitely going to try to make my own dough but figured it would be better to not complicate things since it was my first time making pizza.  After spraying the pan with Pam, I rolled out the dough and then curled up the edges for “crust,” a request from Mr. Simple, aka Alec.


I then poured a little bit of Ranch dressing on top.  I honestly don’t know how much – I just did a loose zig-zag pattern and then spread it out to the “crust” until it looked right.  Then I pan seared about four very small chicken breasts that had been cut into bite size pieces with about 1 1/2 tablespoons of butter and almost a full 6oz bottle of hot sauce for about ten minutes over medium heat.  While that cooled for a bit, I sprinkled half a bag of monzerella cheese and chopped up three green onions and spread half with the cheese.  Then came the chicken.  I found myself making little chicken clumps so I had to be careful to make sure all the pizza got a little bit of chicken and not just one area.


From there, I added the rest of the cheese and green onions and then made a light zig-zag pattern of hot sauce so that the whole pizza had some heat.  It went into the oven at a pre-heated 400 degrees [Fahrenheit], per the dough’s instruction, for 15 minutes.

When it came out of the oven, my stomach rumbled in anticipation.  It looked so good!  And it wasn’t greasy!  I guess if this college thing doesn’t work out, I could always back up as a pizza maker.


And then I tried to cut it . . .

Which dashed any hope at pizza-making stardom.


I was just excited that I got to use my pizza cutter for the first time since moving into my apartment back in early June of last year.  In fact, I kinda forgot I had a pizza cutter!  So I’m blaming the excitement on the crap cut job.

Mmmm . . . doesn’t that look amazing?  Sorry to boast but I’m really proud of myself!  I ended up having three pizza slices, which was probably one too many but I figured it was worth it.  Next time, I will definitely be using a different dough – it was really crispy on the bottom and the crust but still doughy in the middle – not cool.  And I will try whole wheat just so I can break out the honey and pretend I’m back in G-ville.


Afterwards, I ended up falling asleep for two hours. I made the pizza early so that Mr. Simple [I’ve decided to call him Mr. Simple because I don’t like the term “boyfriend” or “partner” or using his real name] could get to a meeting for work at seven-thirty and I guess that the combination of warm food and lack of sleep these past days made me extremely sleepy.  It was a nice nap, though.


When I finally woke up when he returned, I had a raspberry Popsicle that my camera decided not to save the picture of.  But that’s okay – all you need to know is that it was raspberry, it was cold, it was yummy, and it was only 30 calories, none of which were fat.


Off to bed now but before I go, for the three of you that stumble on this blog every day, you should visit this blog for a giveaway!


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