Morning Blues and a Review

I woke up this morning not feeling too well – a continuation of yesterday that I thought was just me eating too much but apparently not!  I ended up staying home instead of going to work, which is very abnormal for me, but it was nice to be able to rest.  I stayed in bed and vegged a bit before getting up around ten.  At this point, I thought maybe my stomach just needed some food so I ate a little bit of breakfast.

I had a cup of Total cinnamon squares with half a cup of lactose free milk.  It settled down but I definitely didn’t feel a hundred percent.  Since my laptop died and I have no cable, I spent the rest of my time cleaning the apartment, including the kitchen.  It was a very long process.

For lunch, I was feeling much better and so decided to try something different that I picked up from the supermarket.  Since it’s not something I would normally buy, I decided to a review on it!

Review: Annie Chan’s Noodle Bowl – Garlic Scallion

I saw this in the “natural” food section of my grocery store.  Normally I don’t venture in there but for some reason thought it wouldn’t be that bad of an idea.  Annie Chan products were buy one get one free so I bought the noodle bowl in garlic scallion and a Chinese lo mein one as well.  Today for lunch, I decided to try the noodle bowl.

The packaging looked delicious when I saw it and it was the first one that looked delicious to me!  Plus, it claimed to be dairy free and would only take two minutes to cook – a nice incentive for someone like me who needs fast and good for my stomach.  I wish I had looked at the nutrition stats before I bought it, though, especially since the facts are based on only half of the meal.

Yeesh!  A grand total of 1960 mg of sodium!  That’s a lot!  And 610 calories for just this one little bowl of noodles.  I guess it’s good so there is no need to pack extra stuff but for me, I like to have a little variety in my meals.  Other than those two glaring problems, I was still pretty pumped to be trying it out.

Inside the bowl was a pouch of noodles, sauce, and herbs/spices.  To make the dish, I poured the herbs/spices into the bowl, followed by the noodles and a cup of hot water.  This is where I could see potential problems with this meal – the water needs to be heated up before hand which isn’t as easy as just adding the water straight from the tap.  Anyways, from there, the dish gets nuked in the microwave for two minutes.  After it’s been nuked, the water is drained from the noodles, which is a little more difficult than I thought since I didn’t want to lose the noodles or herbs but it was okay.  Afterwards, I tossed the noodles with sauce.  This is what I got:

Not exactly appetizing and not as pretty as the box.  But I love noodles so I took a bite.

Holy moly!  There was so much salt in this.  I could feel my lips puckering just from the taste.  It wasn’t horrible but it was definitely overpowering.  I decided to jazz it up a bit by grating a few carrots over the top along with some chopped green onions.

It was a lot easier to eat when it looked a little prettier.


To sum it up, the package was great, easy to do, and a great price but it was way too salty and not as healthy of a choice as I was hoping for.  I’m willing to try another flavor but garlic scallion wont be back in my pantry for a while.

With lunch, I had a glass of blueberry-pomegranate juice and two dos-si-dos cookies.  It was yummy!



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