Dinner on the Go-Go!

When Alec got home, we had mucho errands to run.  Today, we filled out the application papers to move into a different apartment down the road.  Our currently place was great when we moved in but now it seems small.  And unsafe.  What with the gun shot holes in the apartment next to ours.


So we’re moving to a new place that’s twice the size and with a lot more safety.  Unfortunately, we wont be moving until July but it’s exciting none the less!  We also had a few errands to run so dinner had to be quick.  Of course, we went to our favorite place near here: Doc Chey’s.

Doc Chey’s is a noodle house that is fast and delicious.  We had a coupon so it seemed to be the best choice.  The inside looks like a converted warehouse with tons of seating, floor-to-ceiling windows on two of the walls, and a large projector screen – a perk for non-cable people like me.


For our appetizer, we had Shanghai dumplings, which is filled with ground pork and spices, with a soy-ginger sauce.  I’ve never had these before but they were yummy, especially with the sauce.

Sorry for the poor picture – it got dark quickly and I didn’t want to use the flash since the place was filling up and we were seating in front of the large windows.

For my main meal, I had garlic eggplant with chicken and brown rice.  This stuff was amazing – sweet and spicy with a good mixture of vegetables.  I ate a little over half and the boxed the rest for lunch later on but it ended up spilling in my car when went to the store later on.


I was sad but now my car smells delicious!

After dinner and between errands, I got a skinny dolce cinnamon cappuccino, or however it goes, at Starbucks.  It was greatly appreciated since it was so cold!



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2 responses to “Dinner on the Go-Go!

  1. Hi there! Just found your blog and saw the delicious looking dumplings!! Why are there gun shot holes in the apartment nextdoor? My neighbor’s apartment keeps getting broken into, so I don’t feel very safe where I live either!

    • Welcome! I’m not exactly sure why my neighbor has gun shot holes – they were there before either one of us moved in – but we live in a not-so-great part of town which may contribute. Thanks for the comment! I’m going to check out your blog, now! ;0]

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