President’s Day

Happy Presidents Day!

And for those that got the day off, poo on you.

I woke up this morning hoping to see snow and text from my school saying today’s classes were canceled but nope!  It was hard to get up this morning after such a wonderful weekend of chilling out, especially since it was rainy and cold but I eventually made it.

Started off the day with a peanut butter half-sammie.  Alec knows that I like them and so tends to make me one every morning but I’m not complaining!

My midmorning snack was a wild berry flavored chewy granola bar by Health Valley that I decided to try after seeing them in the store Saturday.  This was absolutely the best granola bar I’ve ever had!  The flavors were so rich!  The fruit parts stood out with every bite and the top tasted like a cream cheese frosting.  It smelt so good when I opened it that I immediately wished I had a few more tucked away in my lunch box.  I can’t wait to try out some more flavors.

Lunch was left over pasta from my wonderful Valentine’s Dinner.  I think it was even better the second time around, if that’s even possible!  I had a lot of people in the office envying my lunch – I could tell.  Mostly because they told me.


I rounded out the pasta with an orange and a small bottle of Cran-grape juice.  I’m not a big fan of cranberry juice unless it’s paired with a different fruit ie: grape, cherry, blueberry, etc.  My favorite is cran-cherry.  Mmmmmm!  It’s so delicious!  If you’ve never had it, go out and try it right now!  It’s the best drink ever!  Unfortunately, cran-cherry was not available in little bottles like this one so I settled for the cran-grape.


Don’t get me wrong!  It’s still good but it’s not cran-cherry!


I also had two dos-si-dos cookies from a box that I bought Saturday.  God bless Girl Scouts and their cookies.


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