Lemony Shrimp with White Beans and Couscous

I love Real Simple.  It’s my monthly happiness, no joke, and it’s one of the main places that I get recipes to try out.  This is exactly where tonight’s dinner came from.

The recipe was lemony shrimp with white beans and couscous and can be found here.  I followed the recipe as close as I could but instead of plain couscous, I used a box of Mediterranean flavored from Archer’s Farm that we bought a while ago.  Oh, and I used a few shakes of dried parsley since the store was out.  I think it might have been better with plain couscous with the lemon/butter sauce but it was what we had and it turned out just as good.

For those that want to try it, it basically tastes like shrimp scampi with a can full of beans thrown in there for fun.  I highly recommend it – it was quick at 20-ish minutes to prepare and something that most will like, even my picky-eater partner!


For dessert, I had two caramel kisses.  I love the day after Valentine’s day – all the chocolate is half off!



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