First off, Happy Valentine’s Day, even if there’s only twenty-six minutes left as I type this.


My V-day started like any other Sunday – got up with about ten minutes before I had to go to work so I was rushing to take a shower and get out the door.  Wish means, surprise-surprise, no breakfast.

My bad.

Instead, I came back from work three hours later and Alec went and fetched us this lovely meal.

Yummy!  Raising Cane’s from down the street.  Not very healthy, definitely fast food, but that’s what the boy picked so I’m not going to refuse!  After chowing down, I redressed for V-day, including straightening my hair, and we got down to business!  Which means we went grocery shopping.

OMG, I have to tell you.  The grocery store was PACKED.  Mostly by clueless guys clustered around the florist with a box of candy under their arms.  Does no one prepare in advance for these things?  We tried to make the trip short since it was like being a sardine with a shopping cart but, of course, we spent an hour and some change wandering around the aisles.  Does anyone else do that?

After we came back home and put up the groceries, Alec and I piled back into the car to drive the hour it takes to get to the Mall of Georgia to have our Valentine’s Day.

I was excited to be leaving town for a little bit!  Plus, our destination included good food and a movie!

Alec was excited, too.  Just not about the drive.


We went a little early to roam around the mall and run an errand with Alec’s mom but soon we were off to the Macaroni Grill.  Having never been there, I was excited to be able to go, especially since we had a gift card.  If you can’t tell, I love Italian food and I love free food even more!

We started off with Spinach Artichoke Dip with toasted focaccia bread to dip with and a small loaf of bread with olive oil and spices.  Both were quite delicious.

For my main dish, I decided to go with Shrimp Portofino which is described on the menu as “jumbo shrimp sautéed with fresh spinach, mushrooms and pine nuts in a lemon butter sauce and served with imported capellini pasta.”  Alec saw it on the menu and suggested it to me.  It was the best thing I’ve had in a long time.

I ended up eating little over half but boxed the rest of it up for lunch later.  Good thing, too, because that saved just enough room for this:

This is the wonderful Italian Sorbetto which is “imported raspberry and lemon sorbets made with fresh fruit juice.  Served with an almond biscotti.”  Of course, Alec and I halved it.

I loved the Macaroni grill in terms of food and atmosphere.  However, I could have used without being sat right next to the server’s station where they constantly yell out things and having a very neglectful server.  Sure, it was Valentine’s day but we found out from a friend of Alec’s who was working there tonight that they only had three tables at a time.  Surely the service could be better.

I’m chalking it up as a busy night but I would definitely go back!

From there, we went and saw “Valentine’s Day,” which was surprisingly funny, touching, sweet, and all those other pretty words.  I’m so glad we chose it.

Italian Sorbetto
Imported raspberry and lemon sorbets made with fresh fruit juice. Served with an almond biscotti
Italian Sorbetto
Imported raspberry and lemon sorbets made with fresh fruit juice. Served with an almond biscotti

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