Low Country Boil

After work, Alec and I had a sudden urge to go to my parents house.  They’re less than an hour away and most of the snow had already melted down to nothing so going would be no big deal.  I’m glad we went because my dad had a low country boil going on!  Because, you know, when you think of Valentine’s Day, your mind automatically wanders to low country boil.


I think everyone know what this is but a low country boil is where you take a bunch of foods and boil them all in one pot with some seasoning.  That’s the jist of it anyway.  For our pot, my dad put in red potatoes, shrimp, mussels, scallops, corn on the cob, and crab legs with an “Old Savannah” spice set and a little hot sauce.


The whole pot filled the kitchen with this wonderful aroma!  I was starving just smelling it so I had a small slice of cookie cake.  You know, to curb my hungry.


As you can see, I got a little bit of everything.  And, just maybe, I had a lot little more than pictured.


I refrained from any other desserts, though, since I had this, even the special V-day cake that my sister and I made.  We stayed a little longer than we probably should have but it was nice to hang out with the family and watch the winter Olympics!  I only got to see the men’s speed skating, some of the women’s cross-country skiing [I think that’s what it was], and the beginning of the men’s luge racing before I had to leave.  They’re always so interesting to watch, even though I’m not a big sports person.


Hours later, I’m still full but so sleepy!  Night!


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