We have gotten so much snow in the past couple of hours!  I can’t find specifics online but I’m guessing four inches and it’s still going!

Dinner was not as healthy as I wished but it was still good!  Alec and I had nothing planned or ready to cook since I wasn’t supposed to be here.  We toyed with the idea of going to a sports bar near by and watch the opening of the winter Olympics in Vancouver but the weather turned too bad for us to try to venture out with all the other non-snow drivers.  And so we ordered wings.

Yeah.  Not healthy.

Best part was that all the delivery places had a two plus hour wait for food, which is insane, but makes sense.  We ended up going with a local place that we used a lot while we were still in the dorms.  The wait was still two hours so we decided to take Sasha and go to a gas station about three to four blocks down and get some snacks – you know the essentials.

Needless to say, I had a little too many chips and about a quarter of a cup of the cheese dip while waiting for the wings.  I know, I know!  It was horrible and I shouldn’t have but I was slightly bum that my tripped got canceled.  Oh, and walking Sasha in the snow?  Hilarious.  I’m glad it was Alec and not me.

Sasha playing in the snow when it was barely anything, two hours before our walk.

We tried to get Harper out there but she wasn’t having it.

Dinner arrived shortly after we got back to the apartment.  It was kinda like when the main course hasn’t shown up so somebody goes to the restroom and, voila!, there it is!

The wings were amazing!  Sweet and spicy at the same, just as I like them, especially dipped in ranch dressing.  I didn’t have as much as I normally would but this little bit stuffed me up!  Though, to be honest, the chips might have helped a little bit.


I’m completely stuffed now, heart burn might be setting in soon, and my stomach is gurgling.  But was it worth it?  Oh, yeah.

Now, I’m bumming out on the couch, watching “Evolution” with Alec, which I’ve seen a million times but I still love it!  I plan on doing some yoga before going to bed.


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