Soup and Snow

So, it happened.  It finally snowed for the first time this year in Georgia.  Around two, it was just light flurries but by four, everything was coated by a light layer of the cold puffy stuff.  Most schools and such canceled and all afternoon classes are now canceled at my college.

I woke up around six this morning to study for a test that was today.  Totally meant to study more last night but spent most of my time talking to a friend online.  Isn’t that how it always goes?


Alec was kind enough to make me two peanut butter half-sandwiches for breakfast when he came home from work at eight, which I absent-mindedly munched on while reading.  No picture for obvious reasons.

At work, I had three filled chocolates that my boss gave me – one strawberry, one orange, and one with caramel.  They were delicious!  And so very sweet of her.  I was really happy to have them since I didn’t think to pack my lunch because I was in such a rush.

My last class of the day was canceled so I came home early and had lunch.

I had a can of Kroger vegetable soup which hit the spot.  Keeping lunch simple was the plan since I still needed to pack for my trip to Savannah tonight but, unfortunately, the snow is too much for Georgians and their no-snow-handling-capability cars so the trip was canceled.  Now, I’m just hanging out at the apartment, watching the white get thicker.

Funny story, though.  My dog, a almost-one-year-old named Sasha, is afraid of snow.  We took her out and she wouldn’t even go “do her business” because she was too busy sniffing and blinking at the snow.  She eventually ran back to the door and spent a good while growling at the snow from the inside.

Here’s the kicker: Sasha is a Siberian Husky/German Sheppard mix dog.  I have the only Husky in the world that is afraid of snow!

Sasha eating some rice for when she was sick a few weeks ago.  :0[

Well, off to star at the snow some more.  I’m not sure what I’ll have for dinner now that the Savannah trip has been canceled – didn’t plan anything for today.  Hopefully I can come up with something!


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