Libraries should not be loud.

Just saying.

And, yes, I’m spending yet another lunch in the library – don’t tell on me!  Though, I think it’s highly unfair to have a bake sale in the library but you’re not allowed to eat in here.


Anyways, no pictures of the “glorious” food since I didn’t want to draw attention to myself.  Would have taken them this morning but my lovely partner packed my lunch for me.  Isn’t that sweet?  For him being so sweet, I’m going to post a picture of him.  Sure, he may not like it but posts with no pictures are so boring!

See?  He’s sweet.


Breakfast this morning was a banana and lots of water on the way to work.  Lunch was left over chicken parmesan from last night’s dinner, a banana [which looked pitiful], and fruit juice box.  I’m worried that I didn’t nuke the chicken long enough in the library’s microwave [which, by the way, is another reason I think it should be okay to eat in here – they have a microwave and it’s the only one that I can find on campus].  Do you worry about that?  I do.  I’m always afraid that some microgerm is going to manifest itself on my food and then I’m going to get sick because I heated up for only a minute and not two.


Now, I’m wasting some time in the library, listening to Lady Gaga and praying that I don’t accidently pull my headphones out of the speakers so that everyone can hear, which will be really embarrassing.


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