Chicken Parmesan

Finally made it home.  That’s the last time I’ll believe Alec when he says his lab gets out early – it was still two hours long.


We were home for a little bit before having to head out again to get Alec measured for a suit for a wedding in a couple of weeks.  I guess all the running around is catching up on me because I took a ten minute power nap before starting on dinner.

I decided to make Chicken Parmesan for two reasons: I saw the recipe some how here and I have a boatload of chicken!  This past weekend, my friends came over and one of them, whose dad works for Tyson chicken, brought a bag of probably twenty chicken breasts for dinner.  Of course, since there was only four of us, we didn’t eat twenty chicken breast but now they’re in my freezer!  I would complain but being the poor college kid that I am, it was beyond awesome and sweet of them to give it to us.

Anyway, I stuck pretty close to the recipe except I used Italian Bread crumbs since I already had them and a mixture of Italian cheeses.  I found the recipe quick, easy, and tasty!

With a side of fettuccine noodles and marinara sauce, dinner was set!  Best part – it was all done in thirty minutes.  I was feeling a little like Rachel Ray when it was all said and done.


With dinner, I had a glass of Ocean Spray’s Blueberry-Pomegranate juice.  I’ve never had it before but it doesn’t taste much different from their cranberry juice except for a slight hint of blueberry.  I didn’t taste the Pomegranate at all!  It was still good, just nothing to rave about.


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