Eatin’ in the Library

Don’t you just hate when you’re STARVING and you’re in the one place that food isn’t allowed?

That’s me in the library but I don’t care!  It’s been too long since my measly breakfast so I’m eating at a table behind a large book-case, hoping none of the creepy librarians come by and kick me out!

This morning I had a peanut butter sandwich but only on one slice of honey wheat bread.  The picture is really fuzzy but it was yummy!  Alec even made him one even though he’s not a big fan of peanut butter.  I ate it on the way to walking to campus, which was not fun today!  Please don’t laugh at me if you’re from a place that gets colder but it was 25 degrees this morning but felt like ten!  Plus 20-40mph winds.  Brrr!  It was an odd sensation to be freezing down to my bones but have the sun shinning in my eyes.

Of course, being unprepared for the cold, I had to layer long sleeve t-shirt and a short sleeve one, both of which are too short so I keep having to pull it down in the back!  And I wore tights underneath my jeans . . . is that weird?


Usually on these days, I try to eat lunch right when I get to work at 11:00, which is why my breakfast was so slim this morning because I didn’t leave the house until nine.  Unfortunately, the faiths weren’t with me today because we were swamped from the time I got there until I left at two to go to class.  I managed to eat two of my things from my lunch while trekking between floors: a few apple cinnamon rice cakes and a banana.

I wish I had packed more rice-cakes instead of a hand-full, which is about one serving, but, once again, I was thinking I was eating a lot earlier.  But that banana was delicious, even though I probably looked like a fool eating it on the elevator.  Oh, well!  :0]

Around 3:45pm, I was able to get down and enjoy my main part of lunch: a mixed salad of spinach, romaine, baby lettuce, and feta with Greek dressing and a fruit punch juice box.

I love feta cheese, even though I shouldn’t eat it due to my lactose-intolerance.  but sometimes, you just gotta!  And I love cheese, just not the effects it has on me.  I just put a little of it so I won’t be hating my life too much later.


Now I’m waiting in the library for Alec to get out of his lab – it’s a perfect time to study for all these tests that keep popping up!  Although, now that I’m thinking about it, this would be an excellent time to go to the gym on campus.  Too bad I don’t have my work out clothes . . .

Oh, darn.  :0]


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