Cookies . . .?

Every get home and go “Hmm . . . I want to make some cookies?”  That just me?  Darn.  Well, that’s exactly what happened after I got home for classes.  I needed to use up half a bag of chocolate chips so I used the recipe on the back to make Choco-Oat cookies!  The batter looked especially good – I had a hard time not just eating it all there!

Sadly, I must have done something wrong somewhere, though I don’t feel like I did, because the cookies were really flat and WAY too chocolaty.  I ate one before going to play babysitter at a fashion show for my Sunday job and felt the chocolate was too powerful.  On my return, I tried another, hoping it was just the first cookie, but felt it had the same problem.  Sad day.  :0[

While I was gone, Alec [my boyfriend] made us tacos!  We usually have tacos every Tuesday [Get it?  Get it?  Taco Tuesday!  :0D].  I love tacos!  Mine was easily assembled with sour cream on the bottom, a lot of chunky salsa, a “spring mixture” greens, ground turkey seared and mixed with taco season, and a mild shredded cheese mix on top.  I think the picture actually looks pretty good.  I’m learning!


It was so good that I ended up making another one!  Yum!

To make a miserable day better, Alec and I are watching “O, Brother Where Art Thou?” while doing homework.  It could be the Southern girl in me or that I always wanted to join a mob growing up but this movie is one of my all time favorites.

It could have something to do with George Clooney starring in it, too.




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2 responses to “Cookies . . .?

  1. Hello Miranda,
    I’m sorry your cookies didn’t turn out to good. They look like they needed more flour, that’s probably why they spread out like that. Also what temperature did you bake your cookies at? What kind of chocolate chips did you use? Your tacos look really good! I’m new to blogging, I just started mine a couple weeks ago. Love your blog your pictures look great!!! Amanda 🙂

    • Hey Amanda! Thanks for your kind words! I was thinking it was the floor, too, when I was making them but I was just using what the recipe called for but I’ll definitely add more flour if I ever use it again. I can’t wait to see your blog! – Miranda

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