It’s so cold!

Early morning again today.  I guess it’s kinda redundant to say that it was an early morning every morning because every morning is the same, though some mornings are a little bit more rushed than others.  Hmmm . . . I think I went full circle on that one.

Anyway, Tuesdays and Thursdays are always a little bit more rushed since I have to be at work to clock in at eight AM.  Because of that, my breakfast was a small bag of Total Cinnamon Square cereal.  No pictures because I was in a hurry.

My lunch is bland, too.  A little bit of “natural” peanut butter on wheat bread, more Quaker Mini-Rice cakes, and a banana.  Very yummy but very boring.

I should start making my lunch at night.  Making it in the morning gives me no time to think – I’m just putting random things together in a bag and hoping that it’ll be good later.  I’ll try packing my lunch tonight to see if it’s better.

It’s really miserable today.  Rainy and cold, a big contrast to yesterday’s moderate temperature and sunny day.  I’m wearing my big, icky, hard-on-my-ankles rain boots in case a monsoon decides to hit us from now until I go home.

Back to paying a little more attention in class.


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