Busy Busy Busy!

I find that Mondays are always my busiest days, no matter what I’m doing!  So of course, today was no exception!

This morning, I had a banana and a hard boil egg for breakfast before dashing out the door to get to class.  I may have to come up with something else to eat in the morning besides boiled eggs.  I know they’re great for protein and I loved them as a kid but I was gagging just trying to eat it!  It makes sense that I wouldn’t like them now – I don’t like eggs unless they’re fried and that might be because I add lots of salt and pepper.

The banana was delicious – nice and sweet.  I hope the batch lasts until Friday because they’re already starting to brown in some spots.  If not, I’ll just make some banana bread or something.  No need to waste food!

Lunch was split in two thanks to class and work.  I had the Quaker apple and cinnamon flavored mini-rice cakes during my internship class as discretely as possible, which is difficult when they’re crunchy but they’re so good!!

I got to enjoy the pasta with peas and tomatoes [left over from a pot luck-type dinner I had with friends a few days ago] nearly three hours later during work, along with a little Minute Maid fruit punch.  I have so much of the stuff left over!  Anybody hungry and have a love of peas and pasta?

Finally made it home around 6:30 after intense classes, a test, work, and an hour-long meeting for an upcoming not-so-funness this week.  My boyfriend and I decided it was a soup and sandwich kind of night, mostly because I didn’t want to cook and he doesn’t know how.  Well, to be fair, he tries but his end product is usually not suitable for consumption.  To keep things simple, I heated up two bowls of soup, Chicken and Sausage Gumbo for me, and fixed a couple grilled cheeses to “balance” it out.  Putting it on a plate and such made it seem more appetizing!

Having the grilled cheese made me a little nervous since I’m lactose-intolerant.  I can have dairy products in small doses but sometimes it can have some dire consequences.  Not fun or pleasant.  But grill cheese sandwiches are just too easy when you don’t want to “slave” away!  Just spoon a little butter on each side of the bread, add a slice of cheese in the middle, and then grill in a pan over high heat for a minute on both sides.  Amazing!  A couple hours later and my stomach is really messed up a little grumbly but I’m not sure if that’s because of the dairy or the uber spicy gumbo.


I think my multiple fifteen minute sprints from work to class and back again should be considered “exercise” but I’m going to do a little yoga before bed just to stay on the safe side!

I haven’t gotten the hang of WordPress just yet [can you tell?] and my food photos don’t seem as pretty as others.  Maybe it’s my lighting . . . how do you get pretty food pictures?  Oh, well.  I’ll just google it tomorrow!  Off to stretch and meditate before bed!


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